Main Quests

  • Finding Marik: Nesra and Gibb's son and his adventuring party never made it to the North Reach tower, nor through the Golden Legion ambush awaiting them. His party of three have disappeared. Nesra has asked you to bring him home. In return, she will provide you with lodging, food and information.
  • A Royal Decree: Captain Callahan has confirmed that the letter from King requesting aid is indeed a forgery. She has asked you to discover the truth behind this and will write a letter of recommendation to the High Commander upon completion.
  • Raiding Parties: Captain Callahan of the King's Army in North Reach has asked you to reach out to the nearby Orcs to get to the bottom of the raided camps and missing patrols.

Side Quests

  • Legion Down: The Golden Legion has been driving business away from the Foxglove Fellowship. Find a way to run them out of town.

Personal Quests

  • Protect the Boy: Biralei is trying to protect Solan at all costs.
  • Wood Quest: Kepli's on the hunt for some priceless wood.
  • Rag Sale: Someone please buy this god damn rag.
  • Lost Soul: Serinde is searching for a missing loved one.
  • REVENGE: Mirithel seeks REVENGE.
  • Be Vewy Vewy Quiet: Mirithel's hunting daggers!
  • On the Run: Han was driven from his home but one day seeks to return.

Dogs and Dragons

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